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June 14th, 2007 - Courtney Ford

I. Present

The universe has red yarn strung around our ankles connecting us; not the you and I, but all of us.

II. Past

I’ve lost my memories spent several hours worrying about them researching early symptoms herbs and vitamins Until I realized My memories are not my possessions, my memories belong also to everyone in them to all the collaborators; not the you and I, but all of us.

III. Future

What is now is only temporarily ours. This too will become a memory that is not ours. Let it be lost from us. Every day we wake up and there is a little death waiting for us; not the you and I, but all of us.

IV. June 14, 2017

When you give up the need to hold memory, there’s so much time left. Life, and everything in it is only what you choose to make; there is no loss.

We have so much time left, not the you and I, but all of us.


Courtney Ford is a wife and aunt living in Dover, Delaware. She works as the Aquatics Director for the Dover YMCA; passionate about adult learn-to-swim programs and committed to offering free life-saving swim lessons to children.

Courtney encourages you to support the mission of the YMCA of Delaware by making an investment in a child’s future. Click here to donate.



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