May 13th, 2010 - Collin Berry

May 12, 2020


from my mother's porch

rubber band still      

around the wind     


I’m smoking 

by the light of wayward smarts       

and by the light      

of karmic bells        

Miles Davis is still in the lead

so many folks

at home these days

trying silence as remedy

for responsibility’s wound

so many bodies

responding to combinations

of sweet words on the television


my memory of that time      

is a picnic  

quilted blanket red and wind      

through infant trees         

no, I was taking my first 

manic drive on a back road      

no, I was using the rain        

to delete my voice      

no, it was one       

of many blackouts after binge                


I was on my mother’s porch      

I had no job    

except to speak to the stone 

yard and give       

the rocker a little            


and listen to it sing



Collin Berry is currently an MFA candidate in poetry at Vermont College of Fine Arts.  He resides in St. Louis. He encourages you to check out the charity BlinkNow

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